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Fxview Review Scores

Overall score: 4.6 / 5

Total votes: 62
Customer service
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Fxview Discussion

1 posts
I have just started. Sorry I cannot give a proper review yet.
11 posts
Fxview is an excellent regulated broker with great trading conditions.
32 posts
Went live after trying the demo, and execution appears to be the same, even better actually. Fxview gets 5/5 from me.
31 posts
Favourable trading conditions, active chat assistance, and quick withdrawals are what I seek in a broker as a trader. Thankfully, I found fxview to meet all of my requirements.

3 posts
Good broker with lower spreads and good leverage. My trading experience with fxview is good so far and the withdrawal requests are usually processed within reasonable time.
11 posts
Been using Fxview for forex, but ever since they introduced crypto trading, I have found myself becoming more interested in trading cryptos as well. Surprisingly, the spreads are good and commission is quite low as $2RT. So quite satisfied with them.
15 posts
Fxview is one of the finest brokers of all, in my opinion. Trading conditions are very solid. Their fees don’t eat up all my returns . Plus point is crypto trading, making them a worthy broker to use.
18 posts
Completed my one year with fxview, and I am happy to say that they are good broker with responsive client support and providing great trading environment for a trader like me.
15 posts
Made another withdrawal last week and processed with ease. I hope the market becomes a bit gentler but overall the broker is doing a great job with their super tight spreads and low fees. No complaints so far!
24 posts
I have been trading forex with fxview for quite a while and used to trade cryptos with other broker. But recently fxview started allowing crypto trading and when I checked the trading conditions, spreads and commissions are pretty low as compared to the other broker. And the leverage is also fine according to my needs. Glad now they are my main broker for forex and cryptos both!
1 posts
Got to know about them here, so decided to make a comparison with other brokers from the spreads page. Noticed that fxview has a tighter spreads and also the lowest for commission ($2 RT). Decided to put €200 into live trading and was pleasantly surprised at working well with my trading needs. Tried testing for withdrawals and that got in my account within a day. All I can say is that this is one solid broker!
20 posts
Excellent addition of crypto cfd trading at $2 commission! Overall very good broker with tighter spreads and quick withdrawals. Worth trying!
25 posts
Pretty impressed with the recently added feature (deposits and withdrawals in BTC). It is the need of the hour. Really good broker if you're into forex trading and looking for lower costs.
19 posts
Seamless execution, low cost and prompt customer service. Best!
104 posts
I've completed a year with fxview today and can confidently say they are a good choice for forex trading. Good trading conditions along with low pricing say it all.
1 posts
Glad they are now accepting btc for deposit. A solid broker to pick!
10 posts
Tá an trádáil réidh agus bíonn aistarraingtí in am i gcónaí.
1 posts
Been using them for about 6 months and haven't faced any troubles. Spreads are very good.
35 posts
Got to know about fxview from here only, happy with their services. worth trying.
19 posts
Found them legit economical. Till now the charges were killing me being a noob. Glad to have found them. Recommended!
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