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Fxview Review Scores

Overall score: 4.6 / 5

Total votes: 69
Customer service
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Fxview Discussion

19 posts
Seamless execution, low cost and prompt customer service. Best!
104 posts
I've completed a year with fxview today and can confidently say they are a good choice for forex trading. Good trading conditions along with low pricing say it all.
1 posts
Glad they are now accepting btc for deposit. A solid broker to pick!
10 posts
Tá an trádáil réidh agus bíonn aistarraingtí in am i gcónaí.
1 posts
Been using them for about 6 months and haven't faced any troubles. Spreads are very good.
35 posts
Got to know about fxview from here only, happy with their services. worth trying.
19 posts
Found them legit economical. Till now the charges were killing me being a noob. Glad to have found them. Recommended!
39 posts
Excellent broker. Easy funding, easy withdrawals. No problems at all.
24 posts
Great customer support & smooth withdrawal is what I love the most about them. Big thanks from Poland!
23 posts
Trading forex for the past one year with them and the experience is pretty satisfying. Have recently started demo trading on stocks too.
6 posts
My main broker for forex and stocks.
85 posts
I see no major difference between demo trading and live trading except for the actual commission which I have to pay now. Lol, which is great. Have got good spreads, even in volatile sessions. So far, I definitely recommend trying them once.
18 posts
Best broker for scalpers like me.
125 posts
10 posts
What a great broker for the beginner to start trading.
Low commission and quicker withdrawals process. Also, a great selection of educational resources which will be pretty useful to me.
Definitely recommend them to anyone who is new to trading in the forex world.
133 posts
Have used a couple of other brokers in the past. For the comparison, Fxview>>> other brokers. Reliable and well regulated broker. Solid trading platform, and so are the trading conditions. Hopefully, they will maintain this!
57 posts
5 stars for their 5 features:

-Low commissions
-Tight spreads
-Fast order execution
-Responsive support team
-Quick deposits and withdrawals
16 posts
Decided to go with fxview after researching - thoroughly. Mostly because of trading conditions - Fast support, great spreads, low commission, decent leverage. Also, liking the fact there are 3 platforms to choose. Plus withdrawals are instant. Fxview is giving me everything that I need.
48 posts
The major problem I have faced with my previous brokers is Slippage. Eventually I had to shift to another broker so I thought of giving a chance to fxview. Personally speaking, I didn’t have high hopes from fxview too since many brokers have this slippage issue but they turned out to be better in this case. No requotes and very minimal slippage which is not an issue for me now. Finally, I found a good one.
64 posts
Withdrawal and deposits are smooth and all issues are resolved effectively and efficiently. No problem with the service, so far.
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