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Total votes: 53
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GKFX Discussion

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26 total pips spreads in EUR/USD in VIP account, ¿Scam broker? probably... :(
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The spreads fluctuate very strongly, which makes it impossible to trade technically correct. The MT4 of them is very slow, not made for intraday trading. Also I and another trader noticed, that the chart of different GKFX users are different. Very strage. On my chart was a very impulsive downward move and on his chart there was not... The chart on 5 different other brokers also didn't have that one impulsive downward candle. (Friday 8th July - last candle of the week) I will change to another broker. Pics are attached.


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Dear Sir,

very honest broker ,Trusted broker
i was open mistakenly orders and they give me back the money

Thank you for your email.
We have investigated your order #18062392 on account number: ***** on 15.10.2015 at 06.52 EET and 07:00 EET (Platform Time) on the USDTRY pair.
Please note that during night hours the spread is widened and the prices which your order was opened and executed at were correct.
However, since analysing the volumes you have placed on your trade account we have decided that as a one off a gesture of goodwill we will credit your account with the loss you made on order #18062392 to the sum of $-294.34.
We will apply the funds to your account shortly. However, please acknowledge that this does not state any wrong-doing from our side.
Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
Mikala Hart
Client Service Associate
4 posts
so far, no complaints I'm using live and demo... for testing.
another day in paradise
2 posts
Buttons posted:
Sorry can't read Russian...
gkfx is good broker
Everything will be fine!
4 posts
Sorry can't read Russian...
another day in paradise
2 posts
Всё отлично, но великоваты спреды!!!
Everything will be fine!
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