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Customer service
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IC Markets Discussion

4 posts
I made a mistake!!!
I opened an account with them and I have deposited too much money...
I need an advice, a really reliable broker can you help me please??
136 posts
1 week and the servers are offline. That is terrible think their business has bit the dust. Even if they put up the rolls royce engines on redundancies. The experience just left a very bitter taste. They will never recover from this.

I would be looking to sell the business cheap if I was in their shoes before they have to fold. They simply do not have enough technical staff and they totally rely on 3rd party solutions instead of their co located servers and technical staff

4 posts
It is more than 2 hours the Live Server 03 is DOWN!!!
This situation is no longer sustainable
All this is very serious
7 posts
Edit: another crashed again after last post.. still no-connection
7 posts
Server just crashed twice again....
Where is the fix?
10 posts
'ICM just sent out a notice over MT4;'

Pointless sending out such comments via MT4 when MT4 cannot connect!

More so they should be addressing the issue via online forums etc. and emails directly to customers.
My niche is based on facts, and not following others
9 posts
We have moved all our funds out to Dukascopy. Execution speed and disconnects have been increasing at IC Markets, resulting in trades not being copied from our master accounts to our signal clients, as well as out main fund. Whilst this month has not been particular good for our portfolio, IC Markets has just made it worse. Our internal tracking has also saw an increase of offquotes from < 0.03% to around 0.4% now, which is particular troubling.
10 posts
This has to be a financial problem, if a company has money and needs it's customers it will fix the problem immediately. It is the same as paying the rent for your companies office. they buy the data and servers and are not in a hurry to fix them at all!
My niche is based on facts, and not following others
10 posts
Absolute rubbish! Thought I would try them again but server keeps freezing! They say will be fixed this week or next???? WTF! Any decent broker would be onto this in minutes. Very very poor!
My niche is based on facts, and not following others
2 posts
Thomson you are not alone, IC has been okay with me, super short reconnecting issues before, but now its server down, WITH my open trades, once i can forgive but this has become an intermittent thing taking my money and moving out IF and WHEN i close my trades,
231 posts
ICM just sent out a notice over MT4; they're aware of the issue and seem to have fixed it. If anyone lost out due to the disruption, they've been told to contact Support at [email protected]; they might provide you with compensation.

Network Service Disruptions
Dear Trader,

IC Markets would like to acknowledge the network disruptions that occurred over the last week and a half, and extend an apology to any trader who was affected. IC Markets strives for 100% uptime of our network and platforms to provide traders with the best possible trading environment. This is why we must stress that we take incidents like this very seriously and have taken immediate steps to mitigate the risk of another disruption as well as implemented larger plans to overhaul our network and hosting infrastructure entirely.

For just over a week IC Markets has had intermittent internet related failures which meant some clients were unable to connect to our MT4 servers. Monday 5th was hardware related whereas issues over the remainder of the week and early this week were ISP related. As a result this ISP has been completely removed from our infrastructure indefinitely. The removal process of the ISP caused downstream issues which is why there was continued disruptions to the service today. Now that the ISP is removed we do not foresee the same issue occurring, however, we remain on high alert for the rest of the week.

Encouragingly the causes for the issues were identified in real time although the fixes that were put in place to restore immediate connectivity took longer than we would all like. Again, we have to acknowledge that this isn’t good enough and take we encourage anyone affected by the disruption to contact [email protected] IC Markets are fully committed to ensuring we maintain the most reliable trading infrastructure possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trading at IC Markets. If you would like a call to discuss the above further then please let our support team know [email protected]

Happy trading!
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32 posts
yes, are down the real server LIVE02, this is incredible

ICMarkets is bullshit
7 posts
Another server down today... And good ECN broker suggestion?
7 posts
Having connection issues twice already this month.. order execution been very bad since August.
Time to change broker.
10 posts
I used to use these guys prior to Dec 2014 and they were quite good, had some great aussie guys you could chat with to resolve anything, now you can only internet chat or talk to all Asian people, not that there is anything wrong with that it's just that there was obviously a change of ownership and many noticeable data feed changes.

Customer support is very, very difficult trying to explain the simplest of problems, and you cannot withdrawal to your bank account for 60 days after depositing.

Have a good read of their PDS, it is heavily weighted to the broker with nothing for the trader. I read all PDS but have seen nothing like theirs before.

I am going to grab my money and run.

For those interested I have the 'VirtualDealer versus Manual Execution: What Is Better?' and movies of what it can do, if anyone is interested.

This post will probably be removed quickly, no doubt as the VPD manual above has been removed from MQL4 site.
My niche is based on facts, and not following others
1 posts
I only have joined IC Markets because it is used my one of the best signal provider, known to me.
I worked in the industry for several years and I know there are preferential treatments if you join a broker trough a big partner, like the hedge funds who runs the strategy I am linked to follow.
I worked in a huge FCA regulated company and, after all, many people lost money anyway when the Bank of Switzerland decided to uncap the exchange ratio of the CHF against the Euro.
Some brokers were forced to closed the positions of the clients and minimise losses, the insolvency of the firm left many big accounts severed but the FCA would not protect many of those under the FSCS scheme although they should have.

Point being, if a 20+ million USD hedge funds work with IC markets... it might not be such a bad broker.

I have about 75k there and I'd prefer not having trouble, I will report eventually.
214 posts
Those of us who have to deal with I-See-Bucketshop support know all too well the ridiculous low level of customer service. On their website, they boldly advertise:

'Unrivalled Customer Service
IC Markets strives to offer you the best possible customer service and support. Our team has a significant amount of experience within the forex industry, all of which trade themselves so they understand what traders want and need. You can trade with confidence knowing that the IC Markets team will always be there to help 24 hours 5 days a week.'

That is false advertising and anybody/Traders who have unacceptable level of customer service should highlight that to ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission - because ASIC review on I-See-Bucketshop registration is due on 2/01/2016. Any complaints lodge against this bucketshop broker will have an effect on ASIC review.

For me, I have already file my report on this bucketshop broker and as long as they cannot prove to me that spread widening on USD/CAD did happened as they claimed on 5/Mar/2015 to killed my account before its time, I will continue to post my issues wherever I can on this I-See-Bucketshop broker.

Quite frankly, I really do not give two hoots to that trading account as it, like so many other trading accounts before with more than 10 different brokers, would be wipe-out eventually anywhere. BUT I do have issues on the circumstances on how that account died before its time.

This broker used to be a good broker, but since last year, it has turned into a bucketshop broker and will be known to me as I-See-Bucketshop because that’s what it has degenerated into….i.e. a bucketshop broker.
3 posts
Extremely disappointed with this broker. I have experienced very poor communication, with automated emails followed by no response for days and sometime not at all. Their online help was as good as useless. For instance, when I asked why the Ipol option did not work for international clients the response was that it should work. I went straight to Ipol and was told that ICMarkets doesn't allow international transfers via Ipol.

The kicker was when my analytical program began to record increasingly poor execution speeds and increased slippage relative to the other brokers I work with, using the same EA on the same VPS. When I brought this to their attention my email was ignored. I find this bemusing since I am a large equity client. Needless to say I am in the process of withdrawing all funds from this broker. Even that is proving difficult, as the 2-5 working day time frame they quote in their wire transfer withdrawal option has long since lapsed, and the funds have not been returned. When I emailed them about this I received an automated email saying that they would look into it. As usual I have not heard back. As of today they have been issued with a warning, that if the funds are not in my account within three-days the matter will be escalated to their regulator.

Folks, if you want a professional broker look elsewhere.
214 posts
There is an interesting case against a regulated broker in the internet... I find Item 7 interesting:
7. ln order to determine how the slippage settings affected customer orders, NFA analyzed all trades executed on MetaTrader platform on four 'non-farm payroll' dates -December4, 2009, January 4,2010, February 5,2010 and March 5,2010. On those days, NFA's analysis confirmed that IKON's slippage parameters did not allow for any profitable slippage (slippage favorable to the customer)

So, if I take the time and trouble to compile a nice little package to ASIC, that might initiate I-See-Bucketshop trading activities to be scrutinize and analyze by the Regulator and....who knows and not surprisingly at all....they might find many more clients & ex-clients being 'screwed' by this bucketshop broker.

Let me think about that! 😈


P/S: There is also a thread on Virtual Dealer Plugin subject 'Tool to deal with MateTrader Virtual Plug-in! - Donna Forex Forum'
214 posts
@IrishMist a.k.a Andrew/Sung Choi/Whoever-from-I-See-Bucketshop

For such a hotshot and experienced Trader/broker(over 10 years), you are not even aware of and do not know where to get information on Virtual Dealer Plugin???.....huhmmm....simply Google search 'NFA Virtual Dealer Plugin' and you will get tons of information on the subject...I presume you do know what 'Google search' is;correct?

Come after me....and myfxbook.....with a law suit?? That would be great and fantastic publicity.

Evidence to substantiate my claims? abnormally wiped/stopped-out accounts (and actual screenshots) are the evidence.

Anywhere, I have made it very clear in ALL my post on I-See-Bucketshop that recovery of my lost/stolen money is never the objective of my crusade, but simply to and will continue to highlight & warn other Traders to be weary of this unethical & manipulative bucketshop broker who is even well regulated by ASIC but can and will finds ways & means to cheat/manipulate their client for more profits like many other well regulated brokers who have been caught out & heavily fined/penalized too.

@batchboy....thanks for the thumbs-up 😄....don't worry, I am able to hold up on my own as I am quite used to this in my business world 😁.

Cheers and all the best!
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