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0 spread low commission broker.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 13 at 06:33
43 postów
ZFX is good that generally, they have different account type to use. Either you want high leverage, raw spread, or lower deposit amount, you can choose. I dont know if any other platform is same, they offer crypto too. But they do not accept some of the nationality. I have to check if u want to know

Aug 13 at 12:27
477 postów
According to these parameters, I really liked the broker from the Amarkets company. As for me, according to the terms, this is now a great option.

Sep 04 at 15:44
283 postów
Benalden posted:
Hi, am currently trading EU using IC markets trading eur/usd as spread often 0 and my stop losses are <0.5 pips. Therefore finding a low spread (close to 0) and low commission broker is crucial. any recommendations/help on brokers which meet this i helpful. Tickmill seeming most promising. (also can qualify as professional client)

I read many times bad opinions about this broker, although I myself did not work with him, but what do you say there were bad moments in your work?

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Sep 06 at 03:07
43 postów
Honestly, 0 commission is still not even sustainable in FX market. You may hear that there are 0 commission fee for stock trading app somehow..... but it is not the case in fx market due to high volatility and leverage..... Maybe there are some brokers offering.... but nearly all of them are Market maker.

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Sep 15 at 00:25
77 postów
0% commission can be found with ECN brokers, but you won't find it with a 0 pip spread.....

Sep 17 at 09:50
40 postów
Smith2525 posted:
0% commission can be found with ECN brokers, but you won't find it with a 0 pip spread.....

Yeah, there is no such thing as 0 spread. It is always a wise idea to go with an ecn broker offering low spreads and low commissions. Reason being, zero spreads will hike commission charges as well. One of the options can be fxview, their spreads and commissions are low and give no trouble.

Sep 17 at 11:35
15 postów
Anyone trading with an ASIC or FCA broker with spreads averaging at 0.0 pips mainly in EURUSD currency pair?

I'm looking for a recommendation on such brokers, and it would be an advantage if the broker's commission costs per round per lot were around $4?

Oct 04 at 12:21
338 postów
There's nothing like zero spreads. You will have some spreads even in zero spreads account. Then too I like zero spreads account. It's better than standard account.

Oct 06 at 20:17
7 postów
I beleive that you have to understand that brokers also want to earn money. It's pretty terrible to make some product on the market and get for it nothing actually. Financial market is not a charity platform and there are no products which can be free of charge. Brokers earn their money from commisions/spreads and that is their main earning. In my opinion, it's the same as propose a trader to trade all day, spend his/her time and nerves and give him/her nothing for it. I guess that brokers also deserve a proper relation and we, traders, must provide them with. At leasy we shouldn't be disagreed with their policies regarding commissions.

Oct 08 at 13:34
37 postów
For lower spreads, I suggest trading with FP Markets. I trade with their raw ecn account with spreads starting from as low as 0.0pips in most major currency pairs like EURSUD, JPYUSD, etc...

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