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How much is best to start trading?

Mar 25 at 19:12
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Francis Zendar
Uczestnik z Mar 23, 2023   35 postów
Mar 25 at 19:12
This is a question that have been asked a thousand time.

If you are a begginer, start with what you can afford to lose. As a pro, I can start and build account from 1k to tens of thousands in days or weeks by step by step strategy, but it involves great dedication and high level of dedication.

Higher deposit makes less brain activities and profits with no much dedication of the entire brains.

But with less deposit, you have to detail and follow up your entry points just to build the account to a better starting balance.

Uczestnik z Mar 31, 2021   217 postów
Mar 29 at 11:50
I read your post and did not understand anything. How is the system built?
Think thrice before opening an order
Uczestnik z Nov 21, 2022   9 postów
Mar 29 at 12:52
If you are starting trading then it is best to use a demo first. No point risking money if you are still a newbie
Francis Zendar
Uczestnik z Mar 23, 2023   35 postów
Mar 29 at 19:42
@Rococo_XVII please clearfy your Question
Uczestnik z Aug 19, 2021   184 postów
Apr 10 at 13:50
Oh as a pro, you will not only earn tens of thousands per day, but also calculate your risks correctly and build a profitable system.
Ester (Cothurnal)
Uczestnik z Jul 28, 2022   23 postów
Apr 14 at 05:36
For each person this amount can vary from 100 usd to 1,000 usd.
Uczestnik z Aug 17, 2022   80 postów
Apr 14 at 07:04
This should depend upon your experience and amount you can handle according to your risk appetite
Uczestnik z Jul 29, 2021   33 postów
Apr 17 at 19:37
If you invest little and get a lot, then I will be the first to learn from you. In my opinion, the maximum return that can be obtained from classic trading is up to 15% monthly. Don't invest in your account balance, but in your skills.
Uczestnik z Oct 21, 2022   9 postów
Apr 27 at 20:02
How about to start from small... 500 USD. And dont worry about money and loses. You will get a profit for sure.
But if for you small this is 50, 000 USD so start from 50, 000 :-)
Prince Sajir (princesajir)
Uczestnik z Jan 25, 2022   151 postów
Apr 28 at 08:42
Depends on your own situation.
If you have lots and lots of discretionary funds, how much depends on your mood.
But if you don't have that much money, I recommend less than $1000, which is not for making money, but for increasing your trading experience.
Eric (Goldbarrel)
Uczestnik z Aug 19, 2022   44 postów
May 02 at 17:33
It all depends on your experience, having a good strategy that you have tested on a demo account, you can make a deposit of more than a thousand dollars.
If you only want to try, then less than a thousand.
Make money with people who know how to make money.
Uczestnik z Mar 31, 2021   217 postów
May 05 at 11:50
@Francissignals how do you build account from 1k to tens of thousands in weeks?
Think thrice before opening an order
Uczestnik z Dec 09, 2022   15 postów
May 15 at 12:11
I started from $50 on cent account😂
Before this I started on demo account:)
Giovanni Grillo (therealprovider)
Uczestnik z Apr 24, 2023   27 postów
May 15 at 12:56
It is always better to start with demos , and start burning several accounts :-) , before go Live.

then start with a decent deposit I would suggest no lower than 500 EUR and open positions with no more than 0.01
money never sleeps
Uczestnik z Apr 16, 2018   12 postów
May 15 at 14:39
Srart on demo, then start small. I mean very small. Much less that you think you should. When you lose that you will be grateful that you started small.
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