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Hello World!!!
this message to let you know that after 10 beautiful years I left the Forex industry as employee, and after 6 long months of waiting... I am now free of the obligations of (the Employee Transactions Policy) that means I am totally free to have a REAL trading Account with out limitations... So if you are looking for a professional trader with such experience from inside the industry to (Copy my Trades) and get the same results as me... here I am... drop me a message to discuss it further... but first have a look at my Performances here : https://lnkd.in/dbhVmS5J
Also check my Linkedin Profile here : https://www.linkedin.com/in/giovanni-grillo-director/
Thank you!!!!!

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money never sleeps

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TheRealFXProvider 6.82% 2.88% 1508.8 Automatyczny 1:500 Rzeczywisty
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therealprovider Oct 02 at 08:40
good morning All followers, I hope you had a good weekend, I wanted to inform you that we will most likely not open positions between today and tomorrow due to the decisions on bank interest rates in Australia tomorrow at 5 am and those in New Zealand on Wednesday at 3 am. as they could bring high volatility and move the crosses we trade a lot, therefore to avoid gambling with both our money and that of our clients, we prefer to resume operations under normal conditions
therealprovider May 19 at 17:08
@kariminvestment , thanks for wishing me good luck, but To be honest with you in trading you need a lot of skills and other values EXCEPT luck!!! if you believe my performances are correlated with Luck, then I suggest you to switch to poker... there you need 35% up to 40% of luck... Regarding the Bots: I have been working in Pepperstone and IronFX for the past 10 years... and if I can share a word on Bots: USELESS all of them! can't beat the market in the long term... they sells only fake hopes to mediocre and Losing Cannon Traders... Ps : Reach out at any time . Cheers
karninvestment May 19 at 15:54
Hi, good luck to you
But after 10 years of my experience i understood everyone know nothing))) I prefer bots only
May be it will be interested for you, find me and happy Friday also
therealprovider May 19 at 08:49
Happy Friday Volks, :-)