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What is the average profit...

Jun 12 2021 at 17:32
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Patrick14 posted:
All marketing process starts slowly, especially in this business you have to be patient
Patience is the most important thing to make money from this market.
Aug 08 2021 at 02:34
845 postów
Currently I am making 25 profits monthly.
Nov 16 2021 at 08:56
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It depends on many many factoes actually. The objective which should be set on your initial stages in trading activity is not to lose your deposit actually, nevertheless if we speak about profits, then I would say that 20-30% plus to your deposit per month will be a very profitable thing.
You will boost your deposit step by step and don't wonder that it may take plenty of time. Some traders can make 80-100% plus to deposit, but they're professional ones.
Cordardred (Cordardred)
Nov 17 2021 at 15:16
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Actually, new traders should strive not lose their money at the very initial stages in trading activity. Afterwards, you can think about average profit. It's being fluctuated from 0%-30% per month. These digits are average and you decide by youself whether you will try to reach 30%, or you will want to earn 100% for the first month. Everything depends on your ambitions and skills.
Nov 17 2021 at 16:46
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
Currently I am making 25 profits monthly.
and what comes out in the total amount? at least on average
Nov 19 2021 at 07:50
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The average profit for a Forex trader depends upon how one defines 'profit.' Some traders make 20 to 30% profit while others may only make 1% to 3%. It really depends on how much risk a trader is willing to take and what strategy they are using. If you know risk management and you are trading with a high-probability trading system, your chances of making money will change dramatically.

Nov 19 2021 at 13:06
939 postów
The main thing is just to make a profit. As for me, this is a key task for a trader.
Nov 26 2021 at 16:31
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you must understand that profit directly depends on your capital with which you work
Jun 30 at 14:41
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The core reason behind not succeeding from Forex trading is that traders can’t analyze the market scrutinizely. It’s the best for you if you combine technical analysis with fundamental one because it helps a trader generates more accurate signal.
Jul 01 at 10:40
183 postów
the successful trading comes from a good experience that is really a long time issues , there is no short cut history of success.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Jul 02 at 13:26
377 postów
Hard to say because it depends on so many different factors. Starting deposit, experience, strategy, knowledge, just to name a few.
Jul 03 at 10:35
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any kind of trading strategy works to fail if there is no money management.
Jul 04 at 12:44
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I prefer trading both scalping and long-term trading. Long-term trading can give you large amount of profit which is always expected. Proper market analysis helps a trader take more pips. On the other hand, scalping is a bit easier trading approach for traders.
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