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Mt4-1218 (Od Hungryankee )

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Jun 29 2016 at 02:38
14 postów
@johntrung If before insulting, you devotes a bit ' of your precious time to read posts on this community you will find the answer to your question about MY REAL TRADING ACCOUNT.
If after i have been explained in detail why and how the HUNGRYANKEE TRADING METHOD runs quietly both in real and in demo with no difference, you say that a product are scam only because you see a result on a demo account without technically justify maybe you have a Big problem.
I understand that your skills and knowledge about Trading Online are not the most evolved, otherwise you would have been to motivate your opinion on technical knowledge basis and not with insults..typical attitude of those who have poor basic knowledge of what he is talking about.
I suggest you to read the discussion and to devote time and resources for your personal evolution about Trading knowledge before you begin again with comments without rhyme or reason...that for some fundamental reasons:
1 - You are risking to fai in ridicule...But certainly until ' you remains anonymous this thing are of little interest for you
2 - The spirit of myfxbook community is to offer a place for a constructive growth and dialogue and not for a street fight with free attacks
3 - I can not devote all my time to answer to your insults typical of lack of competence...read discussion and find answer to your question
4 - You can save your time for dedicate it to trading... I'm at your disposal if you need help about Trading online (non only about HUNGRYANKEE TRADING METHOD)

'An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest' - Benjamin Franklin

I wish you all the best!


Skype id: hungryankee

Jun 29 2016 at 03:19
494 postów
yes Master , please tell me how to make 1 million dollar as you advertise on your site and I shall pay you. But first please prove to me that you already made 1 million dollar in real trading yourself :-) . There are many million dollars demo account in this forum, so please Master prove that you are not another dreamer
There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
sirius1fx (sirius1fx)
Jun 29 2016 at 03:25
348 postów
Im so sick of these scammers on this site, anyone can make a million on demo...

In this demo i almost made 1 billion in a day lol too bad its just play money and would never work on a live account and you dont see me trying to sell it as a dream 😉...

if you follow the flock like sheep you always end up stepping in shit!
Jun 29 2016 at 08:47
14 postów
@sirius1fx thanks for your feedback.

You're understand that are making an absurd comparison??...

What you are showing is one day of trading with a robot with an high-frequency trading that worked only one day in the same market condition.
And as you know , without the double flags that mean that Broker not guarantee the goodness and truthfulness of what you are showing.

.....And whatever remains an absurd comparison ...
1 trading day of an HFT VS 1 More one Year of manually trading, with different conditions every day and every trade executed with the utmost care.

The most important parameter in this market is the ' trading efficiency ' ie ratio between from how much I gained , the maximum loss incurred and the ability to generate profit OVER TIME.
Consider a profitable trading day as an efficient strategy is common mistake in this market, a mistake that enriches the broker and the Big Player of Financial Market .

Do you think that is appropriate compared a Dragster with a Ford Mustang???...What would happen in the medium and long distance???

....Instead I am showing a steady performance obtained in more than 1 year of trading, where you can note that each trade is executed and based on the same logic, with entry and exit based on the same criteria. ALL MY TRADES They HAVE BEEN EXECUTED AND ARE PERFORMED MANUALLY.

To respond to you when you say that your strategy will work in demo and not real ... these are your problem!!...What i can do for you??

There are tens of trading style and thousands of different trading strategies , the fact that your strategy works only in demo and not in real, i'm sorry for you...but that should mean that also my trading method have your same features?....Although we are talking about two very different things?...and excuse me Why and How do you make this claim?

So you think that Aristotle when talked about logic, meant that if a man is bald all men in the world have no hair??...I can not understand the logic of your thought sorry.

Have a nice day!


Skype id: hungryankee
Ziya (ZKFXtrader)
Jun 29 2016 at 15:01
258 postów
Hungryankee posted:
Hello Mr. Ziya,

Thank you for your question.

What in percentage may seem like a drop in performance compared to the performance of 2015, is only a lack of time to devote to this account after the advent of 2016.

In fact if you look the accounts from two points of view:
1- Numbers of Trades
2- Profitability

You may notice that in 2016 we have not devoted much time to trading on this account.

While in 2015 there are:

  442 Trades
> 386 Won
> 56 Lost
> Profitability: 87%

In 2016 you can see that there are only:

  40 Trades
> 34 Won
> 6 Lost
> Profitability: 85%

So as you can see we have devoted little time to this account in 2016, this is because we are working on our personal accounts.
Making a comparison there is evidence that the ability to generate profit of our trading method is unchanged.

About the question if the time might affect the ability of our Hungryankee Trading Method ....

If we look at the Gauss Bell in probability theory, we can understand that that no one trading system, method etc... can run forever.
To have a steady income need a cyclical adaptation of the Trading Method to the market cyclicality.

And 'this is one of the things we do and that we have already done when after careful analysis we decided to shorten the take profit from 12 to 10 points as can be noted in the record track.

So the answer to this your last question is, Yes any system, method and etc... with time can have a drop in performance, but FORTUNATELY we are careful to make necessary changes according to the cyclical nature of markets so the ability to generate profit of our trading method, and of our customers, remain unchanged in the time.

I hope to provided you a satisfactory answer to your question.

At your disposal for further information.

Have a nice day!


skype id: hungryankee
Thanks for the detailed response. I must commend you for your literary insight in drawing parallels. Rarely, I have seen traders having this ability. Typically, they are nerd programmer and their language is not that sophisticated.
So you are offering managed accounts where you trade for us on a profit split basis? Pls. spell out details.
Jun 30 2016 at 07:14
14 postów

Hi Mr. Ziya,
thanks so much to appreciate my commitment.

When I approached to trading for the first time, I remember that I was very excited. I had a platform to invest and I started buying and selling without a precise method. Result? I lost all the money while what I wanted was just to earn.
Everything I did after 10 minutes was against me. It was as if the online broker was cheating, but after I understood that was only my wrong.

Since that time I have decided to devote time and resources to the study and application, and although now are more than twenty years that I operate in Trading world, I can guarantee that I never stop learning new things.

As each of us with years we suffer physical and mental changes, even market suffer changes and what was valid yesterday today may be obsolete. But basically if the market is represented by us investors and we are changing with time, then the market changes because we change us.
For this reason need to dedicate time to the study and constantly adjust the trading techniques to new facets of the market, facets that we create.

Regarding the possibility of managing accounts, well...there are Licenses to get, Company to constitute etc. .. etc.. maybe, who knows, in the future we will consider this hypothesis.

Thanks again for your feedback,

Have a nice day


Skype id: hungryankee
Jul 09 2016 at 15:09
14 postów
Dear Traders,

we are receiving many inquiries from those who follow us, about the following order:
opened 07.07.2016 time  11.02 - closed 07.07.2016  time 12.18 - symbol GER30 sell 1 lot -  open price 9478.50 - close price 9459.50 - pips profit 19.00

We want to make it known that this trade does not follow the guidelines of hungryankee strategy. This trade refers to a new strategy being developed and we wanted to see the real-time behavior of the same after careful  backwards random analysis.
In the next Months after carefully developed all aspects we will offer for FREE this new strategy to all HUNGRYANKEE's customers.

So we want to communicate that the profit obtained from this trade is not associate to the performance of hungryankee strategy.

Thanks for your attention


Skype id: hungryankee

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