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Nazwa Oleg

Hello everyone. My name is Oleg, I am from Ukraine. Started trade in 2008 when we had crisis, and I left without job then. Started to look for work and started to trade in forex because I have mathematic-financial education and it is all interesting for me. Had lot of mistakes and it was that I often loose my deposits but they were not large. Forex trading is pleasure for me and I like to do technical and fundamental analyses.

P.S. sorry for my English

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First of all, the basis of my system is fundamental and technical analyses and trading is only manual. I constantly analyse market (every day) and I don't trade too often, one trade in week. Sometimes I set breakevens and after I do it I often disappoint of it because price gets back after it gets to BE. I always have stop loss. Also I tend to withdraw profit each month.

If you haven't lost, then you have already won

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