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Lets get Rich together and Live a fullfilled life!


Nazwa Lets get Rich together and Live a fullfilled life!

My journey of trading started from Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and last but not the least FOREX. FOREX market appealed me most out of all other. I believe every market has its merits and demerits and suits as to the traders personality.
In these 7 years experience my Journey as a trader was like a Roller Coaster, Sometimes I feel in a deep and sometimes at the peak of my emotions.
So many times I wiped out my account and learnt new lesson each time. From here my Journey will be at new hight of satifaction and happiness. My ultimate moto of trading is to make other traders Happy.

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I am a conservative trader. My philosophy of trading is I have to succeed to earn 20 pips a day with Standard Round turn lot. at the end of the year I will have 50K annually. Its quit a good amount of money.

Lets get Rich together and Live a fullfilled life!

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