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ForexMart Omówić

Jun 20 2016 at 14:22
1 postów
Nice bonuses. User-friendly account. It's all accessibly.

Jul 26 2016 at 13:38
2 postów
Won in contest. All in internet said that company doesn't withdraw your money, but it's all working. I withdraw a 100$! Thanks ForexMart!

Sep 22 2016 at 06:12
6 postów
Hello !
May 10, I opened the account No. 144223 to test the company's ForexMart offered no deposit bonus.
It has now been over for more than 3 months, but the company as well as the bonus is not granted. I enlisted the help of Marina, which is the company's representative in Forex forum forexsystems.ru. She promised to help me, but the promise was not fulfilled.
At the same time bonuses were allocated to other customers who have registered much later than I did. I asked whether this is the company's policy that discriminates against customers and non-compliance with rank order, but the question remained unanswered, is ignored.

And at the end of 4 months after the company's spokeswoman, Marina said that the grant of the bonus I have refused to be hesitating on what their own rule base, especially as 2.4 or 3.4 !!! Probably themselves even do not know their company's rules, formal response not received. Company 4 months !!! me as a customer and the shackles of the nose due to the fact that dared to criticize them for grant of the bonus was refused.
FOREX terrific kitchen, DANGER Be careful !!!

Oct 16 2016 at 06:17
2 postów
Who got mini-bonus in 10$?? I got it! Thanks!😄

Oct 21 2019 at 11:35
1 postów
Очень неплохие спреды

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