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Oanda Wyniki przeglądu

Wynik ogólny: 3.7 / 5

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Oanda Omówić

Aug 05 2009 at 12:41
29 postów
Excellent broker.

Been using them for over 3 years, without a glitch. They have superb customer service, and probably the best spreads for the private investor.

The only thing that's missing is a free and easy api, such as the metatrader 4 api.

If it moves up and down, and I can sell and buy it, I'll trade it!
Aug 06 2009 at 14:54
941 postów
They fall over every time there's a data release! The forum members we're moaning like the clappers just the other day.

forexlit (forexlit)
Sep 11 2009 at 18:43
2 postów
I have been using oanda about 1 year and I don`t have any problems with them. You can choose units yourself, also they have changeble spreads (very nice) and simple, but very easy to use platform. So, very good feedback from me.

Learn from your mistakes, forget them and move forward.
pinball (pinball)
Oct 26 2009 at 20:40
159 postów
Probably the best place to grow up as a new forex trader. You can trade with a small account without paying fees and having to take large lots. Their API is fine, although at a steep 600usd a month fee for small accounts.
Customer service is very good, If they have a bad price somewhere triggering your stops and loosing you money, they will usually find out themselves and mail you that it's now corrected and you have your trades as if it didn't happen. Once i had an issue where a peculiar crash made my client do stupid trades. guy asked me what i though i'd lost due to the outage, i said well 150 euros or so (i had a small acct.) and they simply credited me those funds. even though my problem was of the sort 'i wanted to have sold, but the platform was fubar'. they go the extra mile to make clients happy.

also good because you can trade gold and silver.
also good because you get paid interest differentials on the two currencies comprising a position. (and those interest rates are advised). And sub accounts. And lots of exotic currencies. and as mentioned earlier - good spreds. Slippage can work your way too (you clck buy at 1.5, currency goes down before your order travels to oanda, you get executed at 1.498 - they don't pocket the difference)

realtime (several times a second) updating account windows with margin pct and NAV.

Free demo platform that works exactly as the real one.

support for money managers and managed accounts


knowledge as well as smarts are needed to make money.
Oct 30 2009 at 10:15
21 postów
I have live experience with other very good brokers but Oanda is the top of the heap for me

one_fx (one_fx)
Nov 14 2009 at 07:56
4 postów
I've been trading with oanda since I was a rookie. That was three years ago, but I went broke not because of the broker, but I don;t know how to trade. But now, if anyone wants to open an account with oanda, I recommend it. This is due to its reputation, well funded broker and I think its safe. The problem is you cannot hedge and its NFA broker which always changes the rule. Sometimes the customer service are quite slow but overall, its ok.

kiveris (kiveris)
Dec 05 2009 at 20:47
2 postów
One of the best brokers in the world :)

Dec 06 2009 at 22:45
7 postów
i have been using oanda for about 8 years and they are always evolving. they have the tools to help you become a successful trader. no minimum requirement to open account and you can set your margin. forget a demo acct go ahead and open a $5 account and trade to get the feel of trading real money. you may think that $5 isnt much but loosing a penny of your own $$ is better then loosing fake $$$ in a demo. study their tools in the fxlabs and utilize them. they have a great news service also. don't go trying to use every broker. use oanda and they tools that they provide and become a trader.

pinball (pinball)
Dec 07 2009 at 09:24
159 postów
i agree reg oanda news. Especially the FxNow! updates from 4cast ltd at oanda are world class educational wise, they are very good at describing what was the reason for things just happened, and what to look out for. It's my first news source to go to when markets do something i did not expect, and i wonder why. Stuff like this

'A good start to the week for model and futures names, who have made quite an aggressive push at downside stops on a number of the majors, as equity futures prices fell in tandem. Stops at 1.48 on EUR/USD didn't appear to have bothered the scorers much, but a quick glance at 1.4775 was enough to bring a buyer back into the marketplace. Not confirmed yet, but suspicions that an Asian sovereign name might be that buyer are widespread. C.F'

DJ market talk at oanda sometimes also have a few good points like this 'The dollar has pushed broadly higher in European trading, extending the gains it made Friday after a stronger-than-expected employment reading, pushing the euro under $1.48 for the first time in a month. Sterling is also lower, trading below $1.64. The buck is also higher against Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars. However, further gains against the yen are proving tough to make. Exporter selling in USD/JPY is offering a near-term barrier around Y90, where the dollar is now trading. (KJM)'

knowledge as well as smarts are needed to make money.
tig3r (tig3r)
Dec 21 2009 at 14:05
1 postów
I have been using oanda for 4 months till they cancel my trade. They cancel my trade 2 hours after opening trade. I use Hedge position. One with profit was cancel, the secound with loss not.

I loose lot of money. I write to it, but they don't interesting of me.
I live it after those situation.

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