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Nov 09 at 14:19
1 postów
I like their alternative approach to trading. It gives me more freedom to enter the market. A combination of fixed amounts and multipliers is what I need so much for a long time. It allows to trade very intensively, entering the market more or less risky.

Oct 28 at 13:56
1 postów
What can I say? I started my Forex epic in 2017 on the advice of an acquaintance. Fortunately, I started on a demo account with Olymp Trade, which saved me from unjustified financial losses. Everything was going great on the 'demo' account, but when I put $200 on the real account six months later - they disappeared in a few days.
I began to self-train - and again I traded only on demo account. Than I began to cooperate with a personal account manager from Olymp Trade, studied strategies and trading patterns and practiced so enthusiastically that I was constantly reading, watching and finding out new things. I read 'Technical Analysis' by Jack Schwager, 'Fundamentals of Trading' by Elder and many other books.
At the moment I have about $2000 on my deposit at Olymp Trade, my first deposit was $1,500. I have been trading for 2 months and my results are stable profit.

Oct 15 at 05:10
6 postów
If we talk about the broker, here, of course, offers CFD trading on Olymp Trade. In order to see the list of assets that the broker offers for trading, you just need to open the trading platform and go to the current assets tab. There you will be able to get acquainted with the full list of available financial instruments. There is an opportunity to choose manually from the presented list or use the asset search. There is also an option to filter out a specific group.
In fact, the CFDs are a very convenient tool that allows you to trade without actually owning the asset, and this increases the chances of profit, because you can make money even if the position falls. You can also take advantage of the multiples of Olymp Trade when you make a trade, which will increase your profits and reduce your risks

Sep 29 at 12:28
1 postów
Please tell me, does Olymp Trade has a broker for ordinary CFD trading or just FTT?

Sep 23 at 04:35
24 postów
Before joining this broker I heard a lot of controversial things about fixed-time. Some people associate it with fraud and gambling. I tried this stuff with Olymp and can say that there’s nothing scary here. It’s quite possible to earn money by trading fixed-time. Afterall, I withdraw money earned this way without any problems.
You should understand that fixed-time is a completely new thing. It differs from everything you might have tried in trading before, such as stock and Forex trading. Here you are expected to make a forecast within a set expiration period. It teaches to “feel” the market and I think it’s especially good for Forex scalpers. It would be a good drill for them.

Sep 13 at 17:33
1 postów
If you can't find a proper broker for a very long time, then just pay attention to this one. I believe that conditons and services which it offers are quite competetive in case we speak about the whole market, because it has some special peculiarities which no one could miss. I'm delighted by working with this broker mostly because I had a big trouble with finding a realiable broker which would suit my needs and trading style. So, I advice traders try it.

Aug 26 at 11:42
1 postów
To my mind, it's convenient when the broker offers some exclusive conditions for its traders. This broker provides its traders with several trading styles. These styles are fixed time trading and forex trading. It's really important for traders to have a choice in trading styles. I suppose that there are plenty of traders who are really tired of forex trading, thus they can try something new in case they'll choose this broker as their primary one. Moreover, I want to note here a multilingual customer support, which can help you to sort out any issues using your native language.

Aug 09 at 11:16
22 postów
Thorgaswyn posted:
I trade with Olymp Trade Forex and I like the large number of indicators for analysis. This is a great way to find out the market forecast.
I have not traded Olymp Trade FTT yet. Who trades, tell me, is it convenient, can I make a lot of money?

FTT is quite a convenient way to trade and your profits may depend on your skills and the status of your account. All in all, you can earn up to 92% profit per trade.

Jul 28 at 15:11
6 postów
If we talk about the broker Olymp Trade, it is a well-regulated broker, which provides insurance for the deposit in the amount of not more than $20,000 in case of dishonest actions of the broker. The fact that the broker is so well regulated shows that it is not about to play dishonest games.
The broker has an excellent community of traders in social networks. You can open a demo account with 10,000 demo units.
What pleases me about the withdrawal is the availability of a large number of withdrawal methods, including webmoney.

Jul 18 at 00:13
18 postów
I trade with Olymp Trade Forex and I like the large number of indicators for analysis. This is a great way to find out the market forecast.
I have not traded Olymp Trade FTT yet. Who trades, tell me, is it convenient, can I make a lot of money?

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