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AAFX Trading Review Scores

Overall score: 4.2 / 5

Total votes: 91
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AAFX Trading Discussion

Aug 25 2019 at 00:29
20 posts
I have been trading with AAFX for 3.5 years. When I was looking for a broker, I paid attention to the opportunity to open an ECN account. I like that the spread is volatile. This means that the spread changes all the time. The advantage of such an account is that the spread is much lower than the fixed spread. I can recall several times when the spread was higher than the fixed spread.

Cordardred (Cordardred)
Aug 27 2019 at 12:19
18 posts
I've been working with AAFX broker for about 2 years. In the beginning, it was just out of curiosity - I didn't know a thing about trading, so I was just fooling around with a demo, that's all. Then I started learning, and even developed some kind of sporting interest for the whole thing. I even took some fee-based training from one of the popular traders, but then I got bored of that so I quitted. As a result, I learned to trade on my own, with a totally different strategy. Well, 'learned' is not the proper word... I'd say I just stopped losing money and started making some profit eventually - not a big one, but still. One can hardly consider it a major income, but then I haven't set such a goal so far. As for the broker, I'm quite fine with it, cannot say anything bad about it overall. Here, I've got literally all I need for trading, and the order execution is perfectly smooth. As for withdrawal, I still haven't tried it - gotta earn a bit more, lol :)

Aug 29 2019 at 11:17
17 posts
Guys, ECN account – this is just a catch! Very tight spreads for the currency pairs, even during the news period they are not exceeding the spread on the regular account. And also, there are no swaps at all! So for me it the best broker so far!

Sep 20 2019 at 22:41
18 posts
My friend and I have developed an advisor for MT4 to trade on EURUSD and USDJPY pairs. We’ve ran all the backtests, worked on stability of the algorithm, fixed all the bugs and then ran into a side problem. We couldn’t on live account, because our broker’s spread would vary depending on .. I wish I could say the time of the day or market liquidity, but the truth is that there was no decent reason to raise spread 99% of the time. So this is when we found AAFX with their fixed 2 pips spread for both EURUSD and USDJPY pairs. Their funding and withdrawal policy is fine, reputation is clear, there are no hidden commissions and fees. After trading for over 6 months with they I can definitely state that my experience with AAFX is absolutely satisfying. I only with now we can raise 20K to apply for VIP status and raw spread. That could bring our trading results to fantastic level. Fingers crossed.

Sep 22 2019 at 21:00
20 posts
I had a difficult time on ECN account, which was all about spreads. I do lots of trades and most of them happen to be at volatile times, when spreads tend to widen up. However, when I complained about this matter to support they kindly offered me to switch to regular fixed spreads account and I have never had a single problem since then. Considering that there are no other fees and commissions at AAFX, fixed spreads of 2-3 pips at most liquid instruments is a fantastic offer. Absolutely love it!

Sep 25 2019 at 20:52
17 posts
For me AAfx has become the last chance to try myself in a trading career. I have lost 3 deposits with the other broker already, which really had nothing to do with the broker. Just gambling. My family is nearly ruined now. I know its my fault, cause I lied my wife about the losses and even used a credit card to fund the previous account. I don’t want to lose my family, but I’ve invested so much time in self-education. I don't want to quit now. Finally I have a trading system and I am determined to stop fooling around and get very disciplined on the market. Anyway. As long as I didn’t have much money to fund another depo, and I definitely didn’t want to borrow any for this purpose, I decided to do the following. I worked on the weekends and got extra $100. Then I looked for the broker who offers a nice leverage. AAFX turned out to be such a broker. I divided the money in 5 equal parts and decided to do 5 disciplined trades risking $20 on each trade. If it didn’t work out, I would have quit trading. But it did. My deposit has grown to $234 as the result. Now I will lower the risk on each trade and continue working with the same strategy. Fingers crossed.

Sep 28 2019 at 20:12
17 posts
I fell in love with AAFX ECN accounts. These spreads and 0 other commissions and fees can be considered a charity in comparison with the other forex offers. I like that they also allow trading CFDs and include american blue chips in their list of tradable instruments. If Im not mistaken, stocks are tradable with bigger account size only. Haven’t tried those myself. Not sure exactly how much you need to deposit to trade stocks, but my best guess would be that it has something to do with margin requirements. Leverage offered for stocks is also only 1:20. Forex leverage value is 100 times higher.

Cegar (Cegar)
Sep 29 2019 at 20:18
19 posts
I don't think that there are any reasons anyone can find to stick to some broker other than reliability, favourable spreads and commissions, non-problematic funds withdrawals. All three of these I'd found at AAFX and have never bothered to look for anything else ever since.

Oct 02 2019 at 14:47
17 posts
This is correct that AAFX spreads and commissions offer is one of the best among online brokers. Usually I am very sceptical about zero fees, but in this case it turned out to be true. Even deposit and withdrawal fees are not applied at all. I only invested $150 and didn't trade much, but charts look very decent (no visible spikes). Couple days ago I withdrew $75 leaving just $100 on AAFX account. The money arrived in just a couple minutes to my credit card.

Oct 21 2019 at 22:39
19 posts
I am very grateful that AAFX brokerage offers Islamic accounts. Islamic religion does have some restrictions on financial operations so I’m glad someone was thoughtful enough to facilitate the use of the brokerage by providing access to special account type that would not involve Muslims in haram activities. Apart from that spreads are really nice here. To tell the truth I would have used this broker services even under worth terms if they still had Islamic accounts. But good to know that I also get tight spreads and free withdrawals along with the rest of the service.

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