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Oanda Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 466
Customer service
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Oanda Discussion

Dec 03 2010 at 14:01
7 posts
-Good spread

-frequent disconnect, specialy when NFP
-NO apologise from oanda
-Trailling stop minimum 10 pips

Emilio López
Dec 06 2010 at 03:11
36 posts
some brokers dont allow stop loss less than 20 pips!!

Dec 06 2010 at 06:46
5 posts
Good spreads. Few disconnects.
Sometimes their bank will charge 26 USD to receive an international wire transfer when Oanda says they won't charge. I assure you that their bank will charge you, at least, sometimes. It's not nice to charge a customer for receiving investment funds.

Avoid using 'bounds' in their STOP system because it is unreliable. Use 'limit' orders as STOP or use the GUI STOP on the chart.

Last NFP their system failed for 15 minutes.

fedy (fedy)
Mar 20 2011 at 10:38
1 posts
Che dire ....ottimo broker , a mio parere il migliore in assoluto , velocità di esecuzione rapidissima , nessun limite di apertura posizione , e mercato sempre aperto.
Da quando opero con Oanda anche la mia operatività e migliorata notevolmente

What can I say .... Excellent broker, my opinion the best ever, very fast execution speed, No Limit open position, and always open market. Since I work with Oanda Also my operation and significantly improved

Far lavorare il denaro per te - To make to work the money for you
May 26 2011 at 16:17
21 posts
I have a real account with them for 2 months now and they rock.
I am using MT4 with EAs and never had an issue as far as execution, orders and customer support concerns.
Also their live chat rocks.
They even respond during weekends!!!

Never stop learning and gathering experience.
azamww (azamww)
Jul 10 2011 at 21:05
1 posts
I have been using Oanda for close to 7 months now and they are reliable broker and you can trust them with your money. Withdrawal is fast and easy....

Occasionally they have server breakdown but overall quite satisfied with their services.

Their Live Help support is also responsive and good.


Practice makes PERFECT !
smartpips (smartpips)
Dec 31 2011 at 09:27
13 posts
Only forex broker I know pays interest on balance. Also very competitive spreads.

AnotherBrian (AnotherBrian)
Jan 01 2012 at 21:57
74 posts
Terrible MT4 platform. Oanda does not let you use the comment field OR the magic number fie4ld for your EA's. Bye bye Oanda, you suck.

af4arka (af4arka)
Feb 12 2012 at 20:56
3 posts
Oanda for Positiontrades maybe for Swingtrades too, but not for Daytrades - Goodbye Oanda... There are better Broker out there nowadays..

Apr 19 2012 at 08:21
9 posts

   AnotherBrian posted:
   Terrible MT4 platform. Oanda does not let you use the comment field OR the magic number fie4ld for your EA's. Bye bye Oanda, you suck.

Indeed! .... this has to be the most ridiculous tampering of the platform I've seen so far. I don't know why the hell they even bothered to *support* MT4 given the restrictions and BRAG about it on their site but fail to mention these *modifications*. I discovered that you cannot even use the 'Print' command from with your code ... the output just does not show anywhere!! Debugging in MT4 sux puss enough as is let alone removing one of the main means of debugging available!! WTF were they thinking?

I'm off ta find a *proper* broker.

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