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Daily Global Market Update

Oil saw a 0.5% gain vs. the dollar with positive MACD. Aussie dollar remained steady, Williams indicator positive. Euro dollar traded flat but MACD signals negativity. Dollar yen stagnated with mixed CCI signals. Global reserves up 53% in 2 years. Bitcoin invests in Tata Steel, risking 3,000 jobs. Goldman Sachs predicts no interest rate hike, expects economic growth forecasts to rise.

Oil's Upward Momentum

The previous session witnessed oil paired with the dollar, accruing a growth of 0.5%. The MACD is currently suggesting a positive disposition, which is consistent with the broader technical perspective.



Aussie Dollar's Stance

The Australian dollar remained relatively consistent during its last trading bout. Current readings from the Williams indicator reflect a positive signal.



Euro Dollar's Ambiguity

The euro dollar pair traded without significant fluctuations during the previous session. However, the MACD indicates a negative sentiment.



Dollar Yen's Discrepancy

The dollar yen experienced a stagnant trading pattern in the last session. While the CCI alludes to a negative condition, it contradicts our overarching technical analysis.



Global Market Tidings

After a dip to a four-year nadir of $292 billion in FY 2020-221, global reserves have surged by nearly 53% over the past two years. This spike is attributed to the post-COVID revitalisation of foreign commerce. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has committed to a £500 million investment in Tata Steel, targeting the decarbonisation of its Welsh location. This initiative, while promising for the steel industry, jeopardises nearly 3,000 jobs. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs strategists have posited that the Federal Reserve is unlikely to amplify interest rates in their upcoming October 31st to November 1st assembly. They also anticipate the U.S Central Bank will augment its economic growth forecasts during next week's policymaker congregation.


Foreseen Economic Bulletins

Today's global economic releases include:

• U.S NAHB Housing Market Index - 1400 hours GMT

• U.S Three-Month Bill Auction - 1530 GMT

• U.S Six-Month Bill Auction - 1530 GMT

• U.S Total Net TIC Flows - 2000 GMT

• Germany's Monthly Uber Report - 1000 GMT

• Canada's Housing Starts - 1215 GMT

Regulation: FSA (Seychelles), FSCA (South Africa)
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Join us as we delve into the intricate world of the global economy with Luca Santos, Technical Market Analyst at ACY Securities. In this week's episode, Luca dissects the events and developments that have shaped the financial landscape, with a particular focus on central banks' crucial interest rate decisions.
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BoE not yet on the top of ‘Table Mountain’

BoE not yet on the top of ‘Table Mountain’

One of the primary reasons for the recent decline in the performance of the British Pound (GBP) can be attributed to a significant reassessment by the financial markets regarding the potential for additional interest rate hikes by the Bank of England (BoE).
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5 stocks we are looking at this month

5 stocks we are looking at this month

It’s an interesting time for stock markets. Wobbles are starting to appear, especially after the US Federal Reserve central bank recently stated that it would keep interest rates higher for longer. That could impact high growth stocks which have led the broader indices advance this year. But there are other macro headwinds which could mean stocks enjoy an easier path to year end.
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Daily Global Market Update

Daily Global Market Update

Pound-dollar pair down 0.2%, oversold. Bitcoin-dollar dropped 1.9%, MACD bullish. Oil-dollar up 0.4%, CCI bearish. Aussie down 0.3%, CCI pessimistic. Bitcoin energy emissions decrease. Mixed London equities. U.S. oil futures rise due to reduced crude reserves. Key events: U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count, Dutch GDP, Japan BOJ decisions, UK Retail Sales, and CFTC GBP NC Net Positions.
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