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Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 426
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Pepperstone Discussion

Jul 05 2011 at 00:03
3 posts
Just opened a live a/c 'Razor'

Too early to be really sure, but a very encouraging first week. My scalping ea is trading twice as much, the platform is rock steady and support is very friendly and helpful.

I've used big brokers who made me so unhappy with 'trade context busy' 'failure to close' ...frozen platforms etc etc that it is a relief to be able to trade without all that stress.

I guess it's a bit like comparing a supermarket to a small shop...sometimes the small shop gives better service and better quality.

I wish them all the best for the future - at the moment I feel less stressed and I'm enjoying my trading once again.


For those too gentle to live amongst wolves
Aug 01 2011 at 22:25
21 posts

Busfarehome11 posted:
    I have used the standard and razor demo accounts, the spreads work out the same, you either pay for the larger spread or you pay the difference in commission.

I was interested in opening a live account with Pepperstone but was given this information which has made me think twice.

'Peperstone are a WL of AXI and licensed under CDM which doesn't even cover market making for FX. Meaning they're not properly licensed.'

I will try to get verification on this.

Pepperstone Support: Welcome to Pepperstone. How may I help you? Hello could you tell me if you are regulated?

Pepperstone Support: Yes we are regulated in Australia by ASIC Peperstone are a WL of AXI and licensed under CDM which doesn't even cover market making for FX. Meaning they're not properly license what is that?

Pepperstone Support: I think that is some BS comment left by our compeditors that is what i wanted to know and do you have a vps?

Pepperstone Support:

Pepperstone Support: Here you can see our regulation status

Never stop learning and gathering experience.
Aug 05 2011 at 12:44
84 posts
Be away from it, the platform is freezing when the Non-Farm data come. And always huge slippage nearly on each SL orders.

Aug 08 2011 at 12:00
84 posts
just another cheater, still slow execution and large slippage. It took 7s to execute an order for an STP/ECN broker. just a joke.

Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Aug 12 2011 at 23:34
345 posts
Have noticed slow execution on some trades, which is a concern when the market is moving fast. Otherwise quite happy so far. One benefit not mentioned here, which I discovered by accident, is the Aslan Group rebate program. Monthly rebates are paid directly to your PayPal account, and they add up. Have already received my first rebate!

Aug 13 2011 at 00:01
88 posts
Hi Sharp,

the execution problems here and there are not only at Pepperstone atm. many user report us this from different broker special at times when news will be released. i think we have strange Market situations with all this problems in the world. much volume must be handled from the liquidity provider banks special on News or around this times.

nice that you found the Aslan Group as your rebate partner. I'm sure you will see the best service and highest rebates special for Pepperstone. We work as partner in Germany together with this Guys. when you need any help or you have a question around your account or Pepperstone can contact me here at any time and I search to help you 😉

wish a ton of pips


Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Aug 13 2011 at 07:19
345 posts
Cheers, fxprofiler. Agree...there are significant factors affecting global markets at present, and this almost certainly impacts execution of trades. Thanks again!

Aug 14 2011 at 13:54
4 posts
Hi Fxprofiler and sharpforex, just wondering what country you are from, Aus, US, UK?

Regarding Aslan group, I understand they are an introducing Broker like Cashbackforex and Fxrebategurus but I am unable to open the website to compare rebate levels.

30 Pips per round turn lot traded
$0.75 per 100,000 traded - Razor

How does that compare to Aslan?

Aug 14 2011 at 17:20
88 posts
Hi Busfarehome11,

I'm from Germany...
The Aslan Group Inc is a family owned company that formed in 2002 and has been working in an Introducing Broker ( IB ) capacity since 2008. Each partner has an extensive background within the finance industry and expertise in the arena of online forex trading.

we also current in our process to build such page where you find all 17 brokerages such as Pepperstone, GoMarkets, Think Forex....and there rebates.
I let you know when we are ready ..i think max. 1-1.5 weeks.
As Pepperstone's founding IB the Aslan Group pays the highest rebate around for this broker.

Rebate: 0.36 pips/lot ( Standard Account ) approximately $3.60 in cash back for every standard lot that you trade
              $0.90/lot ( Razor ECN Account )
the time our page is not up and running you guys can contact me over PM. I will answer all your questions around account opening and how to participate in the Aslan Group rebate program with your new or existing account(s).


Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Aug 14 2011 at 20:58
345 posts
Hello Bushfarehome11,

I am located in Melbourne, Australia. Where are you?

Nice job fxprofiler, you have explained the Aslan Group to a T.


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