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I want to share my little experience as a beginner trading with FxPro broker. FxPro cTrader platform is just super, especially for beginner traders, easy to enter and deposit money, starting from a small amount, as well as the withdrawal of money is very simple and accessible, and most importantly, it is not complicated and you do not have to wait for a long time. I made my first profit and withdrew it by topping up my phone balance. The broker's website has a lot of available strategies which you can learn and start trading with confidence, polishing your knowledge first on a demo account and then on a real account. The broker has twenty-four-hour trading on the currency market without weekends, you can trade in crypto.
Do you know why I trade with FxPro ?? Here I trade and do not think about slippage. I hardly see them. I think this is a great advantage because for many brokers slippage during market volatility is the norm. Traders are losing money and newbies are in panic. Therefore, you should always research the broker you want to trade with.
I like FxPro broker. Besides, money is quickly withdrawn here!
FxPro has quite a solid offer for forex and cfd trading. The number of platforms is well above average, executions are fast, and trading conditions are affordable. Tight regulation ensures the safety of funds. The overall impression is positive.
The best broker I’ve ever had!!! I first heard about this broker because they sponsored Formula1. I thought that since they’re not hiding from the official authorities, then they’re definitely all right. Indeed, fxpro works under licenses.
I was initially attracted to their spreads. I prefer to trade raw materials, oil, metals. When I started, day trading was not yet so common. We worked more often on higher timeframes. So I didn’t complain about the commission. As a result, I’m making good profit so far. True, I would also like to trade in nickel and other interesting metals.
I was lucky that once I learned to trade well. This broker does not have a lot of training, so you need to learn more. But everything is good here for trading. There are enough trading assets. You can also choose the modern trading platform cTrader for CFD trading. There is minimal slippage and very low spreads.
Metatrader is also available and the choice is up to you.
The mobile version of MT works surprisingly well for them. Really really surprised, because other brokers where I traded, even though there were not so many of them - they all had some problems. I trade crypto on short term, so any loss of connection is very significant for me. The volatility for the same bitcoin is frantic. Therefore, I had to change and come to FxPro on the advice of a friend. I have been trading for less than two months, but so far all is good.
I joined this broker last month and as of now my impression is quite positive. I can’t say anything bad about execution. I don’t face any lags or any signs that could drop a hint at manipulations on the part of the broker.
I trade on cTrader here and a corresponding account is the most universal here. It comes with tight spreads. So, I can either scalp or trade in the long-term. Besides this, I consider cTrader a very good product because it protects its users from manipulations on the part of the broker. It’s reliably protected, preventing brokers from opening trades on your behalf and editing your trading history to erase signs of their dirty deeds. Once you see a broker offering cTrader, you can be assured it’s not a scam because it offers a tool that excludes fraud on its part.
The FxPro brokerage has a full range of options available for any type of trading approach. Account types are connected to trading platforms: proprietary EDGE software, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, as well as the novice cTrader solution. ECN/STP conditions ensure instant order executions with no dealing desk intervention.
I have always tried to use all the opportunities that the world gives us. Otherwise, you won't be able to live normally. I think so. This is why I started trading forex one day. It was a chance.
Of course, I agree that this is not a perfect job. There is always a risk and I am a lot of nervous about my work. But it's worth it.
I trade with FxPro, this broker is normal. Allows you to earn money and withdraw it without any problems.
This broker attracted me with a good choice of trading accounts and platforms. It’s crucial for me to have several trading accounts because I need to diversify financial instruments and funds between several accounts. This approach makes my trading more flexible. When trading many assets on one account I can easily confuse them that can result in many losing trades.
I always like the choice. This is important to me as a serious person. FxPro provides a choice. This is, firstly, the choice of a trading platform, and secondly, it is a large selection of trading instruments. You can make money when I trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, and more ..
Withdrawing money here is fast and has no problems or bad emotions. Recommend!)
I have been trading Forex for many years and have never missed a broker. At one point I realized that my trading was too boring and conservative. I decided to try something new. And as a result, the broker started trading with FxPro. It became interesting to me here, because there is a large selection of trading platforms. I was able to try cTrader and MT4 is available here, which I'm used to. You always need to try new things, and then I discovered a trading platform with good functionality and a wide range of trading tools. It does not differ much from MT4, but there is still a difference.
Among the advantages of the broker and its trading platforms, I want to say about Market execution: multi-level liquidity and order execution at a weighted average price.
Having reviewed their trading conditions, I decided to stick with cTrader and open a corresponding account. This platform seemed no less advanced than Metatraders, while in terms of user-friendliness it’s even better. The trading account with this platform is definitely for scalpers because spreads are very tight here. I can’t say that I scalp all the time, but I do this quite often. Sometimes I hold my trades for a long time. So, this account is universal for me.
Trading with this broker proved hassle-free and smooth. It encourages me to continue trading with this broker.
I don’t like it very much when slippages occur in trading. Because it’s just frustrating when you get the unexpected result of a trade. What is the situation with slippages with FxPro?
Creating your own trading strategy takes a lot of time and effort. You also need to choose the right broker! I chose FxPro and its demo account on MT4. Thanks to the broker's video tutorials and his demo account, I was able to learn how to make a profit and now I created a real account!))
Zolom posted:
How should I start using VPS?
After successfully subscribing to FxPro VPS, you will receive an email with your login information from our VPS provider, BeeksFX, confirming that your VPS account has been successfully created (It may take up to 2 hours to receive the email).
To set up your VPS, click the VPS access link provided in the email, fill in the required information included in the confirmation email and download the RDP file located at the bottom of the page. Locate the file on your computer and click on it to initiate the remote desktop connection.
A pop-up box will subsequently appear, prompting you to enter your credentials or the temporary password you were provided with it. Click ''OK.'' You should now be connected to your VPS.
At first, I was not accustomed to trading with this broker on the cTrader platform .. to be honest, I love MT4 more, so I decided that I would trade only on MT4 .. Sometimes I use stocks for my trading, because I follow the US stock market. Here, of course, I trade on MT5 .. On the one hand, it's good that the broker is trying to satisfy everyone .. can he do it? .. I don't know. But trading here is comfortable.
I have a three-year of trading experience. As a trader, I favor variable spreads and classical trading terminals such as Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5. Before sticking with FxPro, I looked through many reviews of real clients of this brokerage service.
Of course, withdrawal is one of the most important things for me. As I learned, the broker is fairly genuine in this regard.
As I told above, I like traditional trading solutions. So, I don't need anything else, except for the classical MT line-up.
As a rule, I choose trading accounts with variable spreads and market execution. That's what I found in FxPro MT4 Market.
I really enjoyed trading with this brokerage company. FxPro gained my trust back in 2017 when I first registered with it.
There are all the necessary tools and trading opportunities here. Also, the trade is reliable and fair. FxPro has excellent regulation.
If you are wondering why the broker is so good, try to start trading with a demo account yourself :)
6erHoll posted:
I have been trading with the FxPro brokerage for over a year. All the time, I used a computer with an operating system - Windows.
Now I have switched to Apple technology. Are all FxPro Trading Platforms Mac Compatible?
You can download Mac versions of the broker’s platforms on the official website.
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