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Sep 17 at 12:30
1 postów
You have to be prepared for difficulties. It's a fun job, making good money is great, but it has to be learned. FXCC broker provides such opportunities and you need to be a fool not to take advantage of it.
Of course, a demo account is a very important step. Metatrader 4 is not as simple as it might seem. It was not easy for me, but it may be easier for some of you. Try it. It's free.
I understand that a normal deposit is needed to trade. In fact, it is better to have good money in order to trade with a good profit, but if you only have $ 100-200 then this is enough. There is a leverage of 1: 500 which will help increase your trading volume, but do not forget that this is also a risk.

Sep 12 at 05:28
16 postów
I came here after a recommendation from a friend of mine. He has been trading with FXCC for several months in a row, gaining more profits than usual thanks to zero commissions. Definitely, if you open dozens of trades, using the intraday price action, then the amount of commissions might be significant. Besides, I was looking for a broker with a higher leverage than most of the tightly regulated companies can offer. This opens the door to many aggressive trading strategies and higher profits at the end of the day. I like what I see here so far.

Sep 06 at 05:01
14 postów
That’s a universal broker for me. With tight spreads and no fees, I can either scalp or trade in the long-term. I should say that the absence of fees is even more pleasant, especially if you have a lot of trades open. You can save a lot in this case.

Aug 26 at 20:41
22 postów
HinchBago posted:
This broker has everything for good trading. I'm glad to be trading here because the spreads are great. But I don’t know, is it market execution here ?? Is this a STP broker ??

FXCC broker operates on the ECN/STP model. The trader receives quotes from liquidity providers with which the brokerage company cooperates. In the time I have spent trading with the broker, I have not encountered any negative moments here, the quotes are clear and there are no requotes.

Aug 18 at 05:09
22 postów
What assets are best for night trading?

Aug 07 at 10:00
6 postów
I compared the floating spreads of this broker with spreads of its competitors and made a positive decision in favor of FXCC. My further trading with this broker showed that my choice was right. Their spreads are really good for scalping.

Aug 03 at 19:45
1 postów
Two years ago, when I was working as a waiter in a cool restaurant, I had a conversation with one of the customers who had chosen the most expensive wine. When he asked me if this wine is good, I told him that, unfortunately, I had never tasted it personally and was unlikely to try it in the next 100 years.) He told me that he used to work as a driver in a supermarket 5 years ago, he used to drink what his friends would offer him and never dreamed about such a wine. He does foreign exchange trading with an FXCC broker. Now I opened an account here too. I'm already making a little progress and I sincerely hope to make a good career here.

Jul 22 at 21:12
7 postów
This broker has everything for good trading. I'm glad to be trading here because the spreads are great. But I don’t know, is it market execution here ?? Is this a STP broker ??

Jul 19 at 19:39
2 postów
I keep trading with this broker. I successfully tested this brokerage company two months ago. I was concerned about their reliability first. I’m less interested in trading conditions and exclusive features. I just don’t want to be scammed. I had one unpleasant experience with a fraudulent broker. I can’t say that I lost a lot of money with that broker but for a long time I was under a strong negative impression and couldn’t even trade. Since that time I try to be cautious when it comes to choosing a new broker. Perhaps, I’m overcautious now but I think it’s much better than being careless.
It’s good that there’s nothing disappointing in the trading process with FXCC. When the broker is not a cheater, you calm down and focus on your trading and that’s great.

Jul 14 at 12:29
18 postów
The FXCC brokerage offers awesome conditions for algorithmic and manual trading. Margin requirements for gold and silver CFDs are very low while spreads are tight and floating depending on volatility.

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