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FXCC Omówić

Apr 09 at 16:25
1 postów
I've been pleasantly surprised at how much attention and resources they devote to ensuring that traders have access to a wealth of educational articles on stocks, technical analysis and news trading. It's really popular. It's really cool.

Mar 22 at 21:50
22 postów
Wrathdragon posted:
Do you tax my earnings or charge any other extra fees?

I know that FXCC does not tax your income or collect any other additional fees. It is one of the advantages of this broker :)

Cegar (Cegar)
Mar 21 at 20:47
21 postów
Does the broker have any hidden fees that I should know of?

Mar 20 at 21:33
19 postów
Since I decided to start from scratch with a new understanding of the market, I also wanted to choose a new broker as I realized one of the reasons to lose money was paying too much in commissions. FXCC became my new choice. Their spreads are very tight, and they don't charge anything extra. FXCC reviews were nice. People seemed to be satisfied with their executions, so that's why this choice was made.
I like this broker not only because it's fairly reliable but also because it's associated with the beginning of my professional growth.

Mar 19 at 22:16
22 postów
This is an excellent choice for forex, oil and gold traders, but is totally unsuitable for stock trading.
To be fair, having no stocks is a fair price for having excellent leverage for metals and energies trading. 1:500 is not a miracle for forex brokers, but trading gold and oil with this kind of a leverage is quite unusual and I think that lots of colleagues will agree with me.
The support team here is quite pleasant and educated, withdrawals get completed with no delays.

Feb 17 at 19:50
24 postów
Do you tax my earnings or charge any other extra fees?

Feb 14 at 00:42
12 postów
I trade here myself and I recommned the brokerage to friends that are interested in trading business. The only category of people I don't recommend the broker are the newbies. There are not enough analytics and educational programs at FXCC, so that can be rather difficult for real nubes to have a good start here. Professional traders will be pleasantly surprised with the service and trading fees!

May 27 2018 at 06:27
1 postów
nice broker, based in Cyprus. Good communication

Jan 26 2017 at 13:06
1 postów
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