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Cordardred (Cordardred)
Jul 08 at 21:43
21 postów
It's a fairly well-known broker! Many traders start to trade here because it is licensed and regulated. This is a good advantage and you can be sure of reliability. There is a good selection of trading assets. But it is not as big as I would want it to be. Unfortunately there are no stocks here. But I think it's not too much of a problem because you can make money on currency pairs.Cryptos are also nice - it's a very volatile instrument and its avaialble here.

Jul 01 at 20:15
47 postów
Darmana_Wastuti posted:
I signed up here last week. I traded very intensively since that time. But I did it in the chaotic manner. It’s because I’m a newbie, although I’m very industrious. Could you recommend me the most optimal asset? I mean something that is easy to trade.

Each trader has a different approach. Some people prefer to trade only volatile currency pairs and get good returns on their movement. Other people only trade calm currency pairs. But even the quietest and calmest pairs can change, due to the onset of political changes or natural disasters. So what are the best Forex pairs for a beginner to trade?
Pairs made up of liquid currencies have several positive properties for a trader: minimum spread; execution of the order in a short time; low probability of slippage. Therefore, for a beginner, trading such currency pairs would be preferable. Among them, I would recommend the majors for the novice trader, such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD and NZD / USD. Speaking of FXCC, EUR / USD is the top choice here due to near zero spread here.

Jun 19 at 15:46
1 postów
I signed up here last week. I traded very intensively since that time. But I did it in the chaotic manner. It’s because I’m a newbie, although I’m very industrious. Could you recommend me the most optimal asset? I mean something that is easy to trade.

Jun 14 at 19:59
14 postów
I was looking for a forex broker with the MetaTrader4 platform, reliable and stable execution, high leverage and tight spreads for my intraday trading on fiat currency pairs. I was surprised to see the offer by FXCC in terms of a single account for all needs. The number of assets in the platform is also fine for me. The trading conditions for gold and silver made me think of coming back to trading CFDs on metals as they are quite volatile and comparatively predictable. Margin requirements are quite low here despite the volatility. I recommend FXCC.

Jun 10 at 16:16
9 postów
FXCC, as an ECN forex broker, does not have a dealing center. Initially, the company positions itself as a simple and straightforward forex broker whose motto is the phrase 'the broker is on your side.' The company does not recognize various manipulations, namely wide spreads, false stop losses and others. For 4 years of trading, I have never had a reason to doubt the honesty of the broker, thank you guys

May 16 at 18:28
10 postów
FXCC is now the place where I make money. It's very interesting .. really. I have never had such an interesting job before .. But of course I get nervous sometimes. Although at whatever job you are not nervous .. this is our life. But .. it all comes back as a profit. I love making money ..
I am a professional trader and have already changed several brokers. It's hard to say that FXCC is an ideal broker, but it still has certain advantages. For example, a leverage of 1: 500 for all assets .. or scalping which is allowed here and which I love)

May 13 at 20:12
1 postów
The ECN XL account here is a rare find indeed. I firmly believe that a large part of trading succes depends on a trader but we can't ignore the fact, that the less we pay in trading fees, the better our averages get and the faster the capital grows.
FXCC offers ultra-narrow spreads and applies no commission. There are swaps too but to tell the truth I don't know whether they are normal or not as I don't hold my positions overnight.

Apr 29 at 22:56
4 postów
I registered a trading account here because this broker ensures the best possible trading conditions for my favorite assets - gold and silver. Tight spreads, fast executions.

Apr 22 at 12:49
10 postów
Cegar posted:
Does the broker have any hidden fees that I should know of?

The broker doesn’t have any hidden fees.

Apr 16 at 12:49
6 postów
I like the broker's good customer service. The guys are very competent in FXCC. It's important to me.
I also like the fact that the broker has no commissions. It means that there are no extra costs. That is also important. And the deposit is very acceptable. I can start with any level of initial capital.
Sometimes the terms and conditions are good un other companies, but I have no money for the initial deposit. It should not be like that, I think.
And I left the most important thing about the FXCC for the end of the review. It is the mention of bonuses. You can get an excellent bonus from the company. This is something to keep in mind.

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