1RF4N Sep 12 2014 at 10:16
Hello, for the first, I really appreciate for what you will do to me, if I am willing to teach you about gold trading. I am not a gold master as you think. I was only lucky person. I will give a few tips for you, about the gold trade that I made in the demo contest. what I do is.
1 I am consistently on trend movement (TF Weekly).
2 when the price movement against the trend, that's when I usually make the OP, of course, still direction of trend.

The difficulty of this method, is to determine the peak of price movement against the trend. to detect this, I usually use TF 5 minutes.
as long as you are patient in observing, and consistent with the trends. I'm sure it's not difficult. and another, beware when the news came out. Hope it helps and My apologize if what I say is less satisfactory for you. good luck for You.. regards - 1RF4N